Welcome to Trout Unlimited - Hawaiian style!

The Trout Unlimited Mission
Trout Unlimited’s mission is to conserve, protect and restore North America’s trout and salmon fisheries and their watersheds.
TU accomplishes this mission on local, state and national levels with an extensive and dedicated volunteer network. TU’s national office, based just outside of Washington, D.C., and its regional offices employ professionals who testify before Congress, publish a quarterly magazine, intervene in federal legal proceedings, and work with the organization’s 142,000 volunteers in 450 chapters nationwide to keep them active and involved in conservation issues.
About Our Local Waikahe'olu Chapter
We're not sure who spread the rumor about there being no trout in Hawaii, but they were wrong! We do have trout. Thus, we have a local TU chapter. However, the trout fishing in the state of Hawaii is very limited, only occuring on one of the outer islands, Kauai. This being the case, our TU chapter does not focus exclusively on trout. We have other awesome fishing opportunities here, such as - bonefish!
Besides swapping fish stories, we get involved with the local community. From teaching local boyscout troops how to fly fish to perpetuating knowledge of watershed conservation, we comply with the national TU's mission.